Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Affect World Opinion


Thanks to those who sent these to me...

There is a new site that can help play an important role in affecting world opinion called Click on the link and check it out - they are already up to 12,000+ of their desire for 100,000, which is how many people they think they need.

There's also an important fund, the Katif Fund, to help support those who were not taken care of properly in the wake of disengagement. Please check it out and see how you can help. People don't realize just how many people still do not have a place to live or a job, a year later.

UPDATE: This post, and GIYUS, got a bit of criticism - mostly because of the screenshot above. People are under the impression (as I was at first) that it was solely to vote in surveys and the like, and felt that this was a waste of time. Such surveys tend to be stupid to begin with, etc. But that's not what GIYUS really does, and I think that they should have chosen a better screenshot for that reason. They are finding some really great articles, exposes, etc. that you might otherwise not see, and pointing them out. It's like a great blog, without having to actually check it. Today, for example, it was pointing out the EUReferendum posts that I talked about last night - for most people, these are details, pictures, and analysis you won't see otherwise. Now, just about anybody can find this stuff, and maybe even pass it along to someone who they were having a discussion with about it who didn't believe them or know what they were talking about.

It's also not annoying in any way - I think I've had about 1 of those every 2 hours or so, and they're similar to AIM or Outlook notifications.

I think this is one of those little things that can make little differences in a lot of places.

Sorry I haven't written about last night's rally yet - I'm having computer trouble, and can't seem to upload pictures. When I can do so I'll write the post.