Tuesday, August 29, 2006

My Very First Guest Post

Ezzie has asked me to guest post for him while he's busy trying to cross borders with lots of contraband and move into a new home (something I know way too much about). I've never guest posted before, though I do have lots of experience blogging. So, I'm feeling the pressure to post something that pertains to Ezzie's blog in particular, but unique to me as well. Well, looking at his description of his blog, I know that politics is out, because well, I just have very little interest (don't tell anyone, but I'm not even registered to vote). News is good, but I always feel like other bloggers cover it much better and more quickly than I do. Israel and Judaism - ahh, now those I can talk about.

I was fortunate enough to be the recipient, a few weeks ago, of the wonderful hospitality that Ezzie, his very cool wife Serach, and their adorable daughter Elianna offer in abundance. I have to say it's been rare for me to walk into the home of someone I have never met before and feel so comfortable and part of the crowd. Along with myself and one other person attending the BeyondBT Shabbaton that weekend, three of the Goldish friends were in attendance for the meal, and never once during it did I feel at all left out.

Ok, Judaism and Israel. I'm getting there.

One of the things that blew me away about Israel was the amazing hospitality of the people there. The way that I would go into a tiny three-bedroom apartment, and one of the bedrooms would be reserved for guests, or how the hosts children would clear out of their bedrooms in order to make room. Each guest was honored and made to feel special, like they were the ones doing the favor. I have had this experience on occasion here in America, but it's rare and just not on the same level.

The Goldish home dared to rise to the challenge of Israeli hospitality. In a one-bedroom apartment, guests are packed in to the gills. The Shabbos table was huge in order to accomodate everyone, taking up most of the living/dining room. But at the end of the night, in order to make room for those sleeping over, the table completely folded up so that a bed could take its place. An astonishing amount of food was served, a join effort by Ezzie and Serach (I'm sure Elianna helped as well), and like the traditional Jewish grandmother, Ezzie encouraged everyone to eat more even though we were all completely stuffed.

It wasn't just the hospitality that the Goldish clan offered though - it really was Ahavas Yisrael (love of fellow Jews). I have rarely met such a cool family who opens their friendship to everyone, and takes care of so many. Their warmth is really amazing (and no, they aren't paying me to write this).

Ok, what's the point of this post other than to extoll the virtues of SerandEz? One thing that distinguishes Ezzie to his friends, and which I heard quite a bit of teasing about, is his love of the blog. Lots and lots of blogs. Especially the Jblogs. Recently, Ezzie posted his checklist of the Jbloggers he's met, which others have followed suit in doing as well (I'm still thinking about mine). Since he's such a fan of blogs, I thought this post would be a good way to increase the length of his checklist. So, that's my plug for Ezzie. Give him a couple weeks to calm down from all his international travails (no I don't mean travels), and then give this Jblog enthusiast the opportunity to lengthen his list to the point where no one can challenge him.

Ok, there you have it - Israel, Judaism and blogs. Not too bad for my first guest post. Hope everything's going well, Ezzie!