Monday, August 28, 2006

The Heresy of Intelligent Design

CuriousJew listened to, and jotted down, what seems to be almost all of R' Natan Slifkin's speech tonight at Stern: The Heresy of Intelligent Design. Good stuff... StrongBad, if you're reading this, you explained it well on Shabbos when we were talking about it. :)

Chana has also agreed to guest post at SerandEz over the next couple of weeks. As I've said in the past, she is consistently one of the best writers in the J-blogosphere by any measure... and then you find out she's "just" a teenager. Incredible. Welcome, Chana!

One of the interesting things about having guest posters is that they sometimes seem to put up posts all at once. I invite everyone to scroll down and read the earlier posts by the guests as well, starting from MordyS' Welcome to Elul and continuing through Holy Hyrax's End of an Era and Revenge of the Skeptic. I'm going to try and update the drop-downs on the side which list all the guest posters and their posts when I get the chance; any guests posts preceding August 15th from today and earlier are already there. There's some great stuff there - check it out.


  1. I used the guest blogger approach this summer when I was in NY. It took away the pressure for me, especially since I didn't have computer access much.

    Some are still blogging on my blogs, and I'm glad.

  2. Can't nobody say Strong Bad never did nothing for the peoples.

    Always glad to be of service in Jewish matters of an edgy/controversial nature.