Monday, August 14, 2006

Money , Cars, & Colorful Scarves

For all those who have been waiting for Serach's Scarves site, we're sorry for the delay. [A number of people e-mailed after we put an ad in the sidebar.] Basically, we're having trouble with taking pictures of the tichels that Serach has: The color seems to come out *just* off, no matter what settings we use, and considering that that is extremely important to someone interested in buying one, we don't want to post those pictures. We hope to get the site up and running soon, however.

Meanwhile, I don't know how many people check out the ads that appear on the sidebar, but since they're on my blog, I feel like I have to to make sure they're appropriate. (Disclosure: I don't get anything for people clicking on the ads, but I have no knowledge if other prospective advertisers can see how many people did click on an ad, and if that affects the likelihood of them paying for one.) Anyways, I checked out the two that are there, and they're definitely interesting - one is for an interesting yeshiva for people in Israel (primarily English-speaking), with separate classes for men and women; the other is about Ford.

I ended up spending time actually watching every short video on the Ford one. It's fascinating stuff, about Ford trying to "Change or Die." They're trying to finally get back ahead of the curve, both in quality and environmental concerns, and design - and still be cost-effective. I don't know how many of you are into this type of stuff, but... well, I am. It's really interesting.


  1. ezzie, when we spoke last night, i forget to tell you that i think it was about time to out the fallacious "fake but accurate". it's good you used it in last night's post. i can't believe whoever it was you were responding to actually argued "fake but accurate". every lefty i know uses it.

  2. You should read "Best of the Web" by James Taranto in OpinionJournal. He nails it every time they try to use it.

  3. Tichel??????????? I ahvent heard that one in a while

  4. Snoods ive heard, scarves, tichel is what my mom cvalled her ugly thing circa 1975

  5. No no... snoods are something completely different. These are tichels or scarves... and everyone we know calls them tichels.