Sunday, August 06, 2006

Food Dreams

Rebecca tagged me with this one, and whoever wants to do this one should consider themselves tagged, seeing as its been a few days.

Food/drink I dreamt about over Tisha B'av:
Alternated between a nice, big, juicy steak and a simple bagel with cream cheese. More importantly, I really really wanted some blue Powerade or just a teensy weensy bit of water... which slowly turned into Vitamin Water (kiwi strawberry) as the fast went on.
Actually broke fast with:
Not the steak... but I had both the Vitamin Water and the Powerade. And, of course, the bagel. And salad.


  1. powerade

  2. VitaminWater rocks!!! What's your favorite flavor? Have you tried them all?

  3. My wife had bought a corned beef sub for me to break the fast on... both of us forgetting that I couldn't eat it yet.

    So, I instead had frozen pizza and saved the sub for lunch the next day.

  4. KM - My fave ;)

    TNSPR - That is my fave... I've tried most - some are good, some are kinda eh.

    Avrom - LOL. Ouch.

    Rebecca - Dragon Fruit! That's another good one. :)

    Did you finally get Mozilla!? YAY!!

  5. Yeah, DF is a good one. E-mail me about the blog stuff :)