Sunday, August 20, 2006

Wedding After Wedding After Wedding...

They never seem to end (thank God). I've already lost track of where we're up to, but I think that over the summer, we've been invited to about 23 weddings (not to mention other smachot), and that we'll end up making about 17. Geez.

These are the best problems to have.


  1. and they should all live happily ever after

  2. That's what happens when you and your wife are popular!!!

    Please don't get soooo sick of weddings because in 112 days you'll have another one!!!! If you're feet hurt from all the dancing now, it's a good thing you're starting work in Sep. so you can sit in the the office all day and not do anything to rest your feet!!!

  3. Gosh, you know alot of people! Ezzie, how wonderful to have so many wonderful occasions to attend and celebrate. A reminder that life does go on, even in the midst of so much trouble in the world.

  4. Do you buy the same present for everyone? :)

  5. that's quite amazing... gets expensive with all the gifts but it's totally worth it if they are your friends :)
    (or relatives)

    mazal tovs all round!

  6. u guys are moving away from queens?

  7. I know it gets kind of repetitive,but it's cool to be so much in demand:)

  8. I feel your "pain"- I have five in a row this week. (In 2 different countries) I'm going to be eating root vegetables for the rest of the year just to afford my "habit".

  9. Muse, Jack - Amen.

    FFW - See, that's why yours is good. It's after a nice, looooong break. Really long. Geez. ;)

    CM - Yes, we do... thank God. And amen. :)

    Chana - Yeah, nothing. [For now. We can't afford to buy presents yet... but when we can, we will.]

    Sarah - Absolutely!

    Anon - No, we're moving within Queens.

    Prag - Yeah, not bad :P

    Tafka - Wow, now THAT is popular!

  10. You should talk to this guy. He thinks HE has it bad!

  11. If I remember correctly,just about every simcha on onlysimchas used to have Serach's mazal tov message :)
    That's what happens when you know everyone!

  12. Good memory!! :) Yeah, I guess so... check our OS post one day if you're bored. We do seem to know everybody.

  13. :-0

    I don't know how you do it...