Monday, January 22, 2007

A Wise Proposal

Want to make Super Bowl Sunday special, so you know you'll always be able to watch it? Copy this guy:
One Romeo is going all the way to the Super Bowl to prove just how much he loves his Juliet. A lovesick west coast man is preparing a $2.5 million dollar marriage proposal to show his girlfriend he means business. The ultra-romantic proposal will air in a commercial spot during Super Bowl Sunday.
The smart guy pulled it off by getting other people to pay for it, too:
The suitor, known only as J.P., decided he wanted to make his marriage proposal unforgettable, so he hatched the plan to make it happen during the Super Bowl.

He designed his own Web site,, to raise money for the venture.

He calls his plan "the most public declaration of love in the history of mankind."

The Web site raised over $75,000 in donations, but the anonymous Romeo soon realized he would need more muscle to garner enough cash to buy a pricey Super Bowl spot. So, he hooked up with public relations and ad firms, who helped him find a sponsor to pay the bill.
It's an interesting story... read the whole thing.

This makes the How I Met Serach series, which will finish with the proposal, pale in comparison... but don't worry, I'll
finish it anyway. :)