Friday, January 19, 2007

Pre (or Post)-Shabbos Reads...

Have a great Shabbos everybody! SerandElianna are in Scranton for a simcha, while I'm (sniff) home alone for this one. It's a little weird, I must say... but I should have a great time eating at some of the people who read and write on this blog. :)

Some good reads:
  • SoccerDad is Jib.
  • Esther on "choosing to be single".
  • DAG imagines a speech on the JBlogs. Heh. :)
  • Irina has a plan of action about the JIBs at J-Blogosphere. Please go there and input your own suggestions as well... we'd like to take as many opinions into account as we can.
  • Amishav sees some red flags on his date. Scarily hilarious.
  • WestBankMama outs herself. Welcome to eponymity or whatever, WBM! :)
  • Shifra ROTFLs. For real! I didn't know people actually did that.
  • Orthomom learns that Consumer Reports retracted its scary article about car seats. Woah.
  • BeyondBT tells us about a trip for women - looks interesting. Check it out.
Have a great Shabbos, everybody!