Monday, January 22, 2007

Time for a New Computer?

My nephew's latest is up at Our Kids Speak.

R' Horowitz's latest is up, this time discussing blogs, comments, and other assorted issues. Excerpts:
In my professional life, one of the most fascinating developments of this past month was the fact that I opened my website and articles to instant posting, commonly referred to as “blogging.” ... Many of the posts were personally insulting, and in my (unbiased, of course) mind a bit ‘over the top’.

As soon as those negative comments appeared, I received more than a few emails from friends informing me that these comments were posted on my site and asking me to remove them from my site. (I was in middle of sheva brachos week for our daughter and did not have much time to check the site.)

After giving it some thought, I decided not remove any of the negative comments. ... Why? Because I felt that once I decided to open my website to unedited comments, I felt that the honorable thing to do was to leave the negative ones on the site as well as the complimentary ones. Additionally, I felt that once I chose to solicit funds using the site, it was fair, if not unpleasant, for people to question my motives.