Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Ezzie Exposed!

Ezzie pointed out yesterday that the sidebar and footer of his blog has been intermittently missing when viewed in Internet Explorer. This post resulted in the nudging by me about the real reason for his concern - his hit counts! But I just discovered that the treachery for the post goes much, much deeper.

He won't admit it, but Ezzie has been hired by Firefox to covertly (or not so covertly) switch innocent, complacent Internet Explorer users over to the questionably more slick Firefox. (Though without a ton of downloaded add-ins and plug-ins and whoseits and whatsits galore, what good is it?)

He started out fairly innocuously, giving us a couple posts about the supposed advantages of Firefox, trying to see if we would pay attention that way. Then he started harassing individuals about using it (okay, I don't know if it's anyone else, but he's been harassing me).

Now, he's taken things a step further and gone to the lengths of sabotaging his own blog in his zeal for Firefox domination of the Internet. Sure, sure, it sounds innocent enough that his sidebar isn't being viewed in Internet Explorer, but once he convinces you to view his blog in Firefox, the next will be his stealthy suggestions that other blogs look better in Firefox, and then Blogger itself, and before you know it, he will even suggest you write e-mail from Firefox. He's just a few steps from converting the masses, in cult-like fashion.

So, Ezzie, I ask you again - how much is Firefox paying you for this? It must be a larger amount than you get for your blogads, we know you love your blog too much to compromise it for a small amount. Come on, admit the truth!