Friday, January 12, 2007

Running from the Middle

I was speaking to Serach's uncle yesterday on the bus to Manhattan after the bris - he is one fascinating character with a wealth of information and (sometimes true!) stories at his fingertips. He related over a number of very interesting stories, half of which he specifically ordered me not to write about, and some very interesting insights.

One of the topics was the next Presidential election [there go half the readers...]. He discussed something that is very interesting, and something which I would be in great favor of - not because I'm a big fan of the guy per se, but because I like what his running will mean to the future of this country. If Barack Obama or someone as liberal as him wins the Democratic nomination, and Newt Gingrich or someone as conservative as him wins the Republican nomination, watch Mike Bloomberg run as an independent from the middle.

Think about it: He has all the money he needs to run such a campaign. Obama is far too left for most Americans; and most people are wary at this point of anyone from the conservative right. He's a social liberal, which puts him in touch with most of the country; he's an economic conservative, which puts him in touch with most of the country. While perhaps nobody will love him, there's something there for everyone to like... and he'll be perceived better than the alternatives. This country could sorely use a centrist third party - it's about time.

What do you think?