Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Why Firefox Rocks I

We're in Monsey for the night, as our nephew's bris is tomorrow morning here, and I've discovered - once again - that Internet Explorer stinks. The formatting of sites is terrible, the images and fonts are terrible... it's all terrible. Over the next few days, in addition to all the other things I'd like to write about, SerandEz will be giving a tutorial in Mozilla Firefox, which simply rocks, including some suggested add-ons and other assorted goodies which will make using the Internet a lot easier and faster, giving you more time to actually step away from the computer and see the outside by actually [gasp] going outside. (Alternatively, you'll have more time to read more of your favorite blogs.)

Until then, do your eyes a favor. Thanks to the wonderful Mirty/Miriam and her now defunct blog Codescripter (which she kept around for information, so check it out), I learned about something called ClearType. It will take a day or two to get your eyes used to it, but go to your Start/Control Panel/Appearance & Themes/Display/Appearance tab/Effects and change the Standard to ClearType. At first, your eyes will hurt, as the fonts will all look slightly different, as will everything else. But try to give it a day or two - your eyes will have a much easier time reading, and everything will look a lot less harsh on the screen - it smoothes out the fonts on your computer, and is supposed to be better for you long-term, I believe.

Oh yeah - go to and download it, just to start. Maybe even check out some sites in it (like oh, I don't know, a blog, maybe?), and get used to the tabbing feature [ctrl-t opens up a new tab] a little bit. That should keep you busy for now. :) Have a great night, everybody! And mazel tov to my sister-in-law, brother-in-law, and of course, our new nephew!