Thursday, January 04, 2007


Wolf is back, and right on track:
I find it intersting that the path of action to take was to pressure the stores, rather than to pressure the individual buyers. ...

It would seem to me that the need to pressure the stores stems from a failure of the activists to pressure the people individually. Since they can't (or won't) tell their women not to buy certain articles of clothing (or the women won't listen to such instructions), they feel that they must remove the opportunity to buy them.

Of course, however, that, too, is a failing proposition. ...

In short, if you want any sort of ban to succeed, you have to first win over the will of the people.
I'm Ha'aretz brings us this sad and important post: Infertility, shidduchim, and the question of Full Disclosure. On a related note, SaraK notes today's NYTimes asks a similar question.

WildTumor cites a fascinating and interesting Dennis Prager piece on religion and the United States; see the comments there as well.

Finally, Ha'aretz follows up on charedi women and education. (via DB)
It's been a pretty slow day in the J-blogosphere, otherwise... or maybe that's just me.