Saturday, January 27, 2007


I've been pointing to this blog a lot recently, because I think it's important... and she just wrote a detailed post explaining (more about) herself and her blog. Read her post. Excerpt: [emphasis added]
8. What can we do to help?
  • Visit my blog. :)
  • Read.
  • Leave comments, preferably not anything judgmental or mean.
  • Share with others.
  • Practice sensitivity.
  • Encourage rabbis to be aware of congregants with "invisible pain."
  • Be willing to talk about emotional disorders within the Jewish community.
  • Be willing to reach out to people in your own community who might need it.
  • Brainstorm ways for your own community to keep people from falling through the cracks.
On an unrelated note, I really liked this post by Mrs. Balabusta.