Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Charedim Overboard?

A while ago, I think I predicted that the charedi world would run into a problem within a number of years, as their economic situation would collapse in upon itself. It seems as if they are trying to hasten this inevitability:
A committee of rabbis formulating the education policy in the ultra-Orthodox community has prohibited women's continuing education programs and severely restricted other study courses, thus blocking the advancement and development of haredi women's careers.
Krum has a hilarious yet sad take on the subject; Orthomom has her usual sharp analysis, even while she notes she has nothing to say:
The Charedi leadership seems to want to have it both ways. They want to encourage every young married man in the community to spend the rest of his life learning full time in Kollel, thus taking a pass on financially supporting their usually very large families, and yet they are putting up roadblocks that will prevent the wives of these men, usually the sole breadwinners in their households, from adequately supporting their families. How in the world are these women supposed to keep their heads above water when their earning capabilities are so severely curtailed?
Read both of their posts; they say it better than I possibly could. Moreover, Orthomom has an important side point at the end regarding the seriously disgusting attitude some have towards Sephardim and the secular community at large. Sick, really.