Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Ezzie's Blog Roundup, 1/23: Food for Thought

It's busy season, which means that while I still have had enough time to read lots of blogs (thanks to Sage - the next topic in Why Firefox Rocks - just ask Pobody's Nerfect & Shoshana! :P ), I don't have much time to write my own thoughts on them down. So... here are a bunch of good reads for today, a number of which I think are worthy of further discussion: (Count this towards J-Blog Awareness Month, as some of these are on blogs you probably aren't reading yet, even though you should be!)
  • Musings has a video of Oscar (in orange!) and Gordon (with an afro). He thinks only parents with toddlers can get excited over this stuff... ha!
  • Mother in Israel has some brit fashlas. Heh.
  • Treppenwitz notes that in many cultures, the women keep traditional dress while the men do not. He's currently blogging from India. I thought this was interesting for the same reason the first commenter did - in Judaism, this is usually the reverse.
  • R' Gil has a very interesting - and I think logical post on the "chumrah society". He basically notes that because people learn more, they understand the logic behind even minority opinions, and therefore decide to follow that logic (perhaps where they shouldn't be). There's a great essay on this subject by R' Hayim Soloveitchik that someone pointed out to me recently, but I can't find the link at the moment.
  • JBlogosphere has put up a post with some suggested categories for the JIBs... check them out, point out what's missing or what may be extra, and join in the conversation.
  • MiI has a post about schooling in Israel (worth reading for anyone considering aliyah, too), which makes an interesting point about how parents view schools:
    A very wise woman once told me: We all want our kids to go to exclusive schools. But then the day comes when such a school rejects our children. We rant and rave against the system, but we have only ourselves to blame for supporting it.
  • RenReb may be broke (join the club!), but at least there's always 24.
  • Rivka struggles with herself, and asks for help. If there is any blog we should all be reading as a community, I think hers is right up there.
Have a wonderful day, everybody!