Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Starting a Rumor? Hmmmm

Has anyone noticed the blogs are kind of dead lately? Ezzie hasn't been posting much. And you know he's busy (or sick) if he is not posting at least three times a day about god-knows-what. GH was peaking with his battles with R' Maroof, and now, nothing. Shifra probably poped a disk in her back while laughing and still hasen't managed to get up to post anything and Jameel..., well, Jameel is Jameel. (Maybe everyone is just hiding from the big bad New Blogger boogie man). So what can we mortals do to get the blogs jumping up a bit? To put some life into it!

Ladies and gentlmen, I see only one solution to this dilema. Everyone knows that controversy is what gets the most hits, therefore, I suggest starting a good ol' fashion rumor. Yup, nothing gets the folks more riled up then innocent gossip. It doesn't have to be anything mean-spirited. Even something like Jameel painting his toenails would do just nicely. I leave it up to you to discuss this on the thread or to chastise me for this horrible idea.