Thursday, January 11, 2007

On Da'as Torah and Minhagim

As a follow-up to yesterday's post about da'as Torah, here's R' Yakov Horowitz's article on the subject which I've linked to in the past - more than once - was posted on BeyondBT, and is always a great reminder for all of us. It talks about the differences in asking for advice, for a legal ruling (psak), and asking for other things. It talks about when one should NOT be asking their rav. It talks about a whole host of different topics on the subject, and it's likely the best article I've seen on the subject.

I should also note that the Jewish Press has picked up R' Horowitz's articles on sexual abuse in the community. It's a huge step, as perhaps this will begin to force and help our communities to work on this extremely urgent, important issue. At the same time, Mishpacha magazine is picking up his articles on education, his area of most expertise. Yiasher Koach to R' Horowitz for having such a positive impact and making an inroads to the charedi community to handle these issues.