Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Guest Post from the Cubicle King II

Slogans That Really Annoy Me
I was walking through the office today and I saw a box from a certain Donut establishment that said "America Runs on Dunkin' ". In addition there is an athletic looking caricature of a runner that appears above this slogan.

I have a question for all you geniuses out there. When was the last time you saw anyone who frequents a donut shop run anywhere? I know Dunkin' Donuts sells coffee and perhaps that is what they are really referring to, but I think it is a little pretentious of a Donut shop to be saying that any country runs off its deepfried nourishment.

Then to add insult to injury they use a fitness caricature above this asinine slogan. Between you and me we know dunking donuts is responsible for a lot more people keeling over than running.

The geniuses who came up with this advertising are shameless. They must be related to the people at FOX who run commercials that say "The moment you have been waiting for all year..................Yes, American Idol is back" Like I have been standing in time square with wearable billboard that says I have been waiting all year for a crappy reality show with talent less tone deaf contestants.

I think it is time we took a stand against such advertising that insults our intelligence, or at least run away from it.

If you have any slogans that get under your skin, please post them here and provide an explanation why.

~ Cubicle King