Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Celebrate Good Times

Sarah's View, one of the blogs that consistently brings a smile to people's faces, is celebrating its first birthday! Congratulations, Sarah! :) She's the one who has designed so many banners and other things for other bloggers in addition to all the amazing pictures she takes. Go over and wish her a happy blogiversary.

Today was a slow day in the blogosphere, seeing as how Blogger/Google shut down all the "old" blogs for a number of hours. But there's still some decent stuff out there:
You may also notice a new "ad" I put in the sidebar, which also finally pushed out the annoying ones that were there for way too long. Jameel posted about a family who is trying to find someone willing to name their child for someone, as they have nobody to carry on the name. He went to the trouble of verifying the story, and actually knows the people involved. Please, read the post and see if you know of someone who may be willing to help.