Sunday, January 14, 2007

There He Goes

It took about a quarter and a half, but Rex Grossman finally made that stupid, stupid mistake, fumbling the ball away, leading to a Seahawks touchdown. Nice.

Elsewhere, Haveil Havalim #102 is up at SoccerDad!

R' Horowitz discusses exit interviews:
I would think that the frightened parents in the community ought to shorten the hours that their children are in school, offer more extra-curricular activities, clamor for more tolerance, invest in the educators of their children, and boycott the schools that dismiss children for misdeeds. The community leaders would do well to meet with the mental-health professionals and those who deal with the ‘at-risk’ teen population, perhaps even with the troubled kids themselves, and listen – really listen – to their advice. I would love to tell you that this is happening. It pains me to report that this is usually not the case. Those of us who deal with at-risk kids are consulted in firefighter mode by desperate parents and educators – but little time and energy is being spent in fire prevention. They are asking us what to do with the at-risk kids, but not what we think should be done for all our children.