Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A Guest Post by the Cubicle King

The Cubicle King out of Baltimore finally took me up on my offer of writing up a guest post... and who can turn down a post on football and middos, right? So here we are: The Cubicle King speaketh:
Tony Dungy – More than just a great Football coach, a real Mentsch
As an avid Baltimore Ravens fan, it is a little difficult for me to see the Indianapolis Colts play in the SuperBowl. However, it is not due to nostalgia that I will be rooting for the Colts on Sunday but because of their head coach Tony Dungy. In Yiddish the word "mentsch" is defined as "a person with integrity and concern for others". In my mind there is no coach or player in the NFL who embodies these characteristics more than Tony Dungy. While other coaches yell at the referees, abuse the press, swear at their players, Tony Dungy rises above this self deprecation and always remains stoic when marching the sidelines.

While other coaches appear arrogant, and full of themselves, Tony Dungy always makes sure that his press conferences and presentation are with poise and humility. In an era when the game has become more about fist pumping and self promotion he has been one of a few to coach with modesty and class. On February 4th lets not just celebrate the NFL's vast success and its long overdue integration of African-American head coaches. Let us celebrate the fact that the coach that might be holding the Lombardi trophy, is not only a fine human being, but a true mentsch.

- Cubicle King