Friday, January 05, 2007

Why I'm Not Writing & A View of Monsey

I've had a lot of thoughts running through my head lately on a number of subjects, and have been unsure of which I want to (or am able to) write about. Regular blogging should resume shortly. Until then, I'll still be linking to some of the better posts I see around the J-blogosphere, many of which are helping me to organize my own thoughts. Sometimes, I think I'll need to write a book; other times, I feel like everything I say is simply a rehashing of what everyone else is.

Meanwhile... My wife, the first half of the name of this blog, is originally from Monsey, so I found BatTaz's take on it, and his personal experiences there, quite interesting. A particularly sad excerpt:
And it was so nice to have a young chosid ask his father, upon seeing me walk to shul hatless, if I was irreligious. So nice. And then there were those sweet little boys who informed me that Jews don't throw rocks, goyim do, because goyim are crazy. What a kind thing to say, certainly not a broad statement at all. Or a boy who told me I looked like a "modern person," and that this is a bad thing. I must say, it is such a wonderful thing to see what these kids are being taught at home.

And it's not just kids.
It's a very interesting take on the community there... check it out.