Wednesday, January 17, 2007


A pair of good reads and videos out there...
  • "Sam Smith" is back at BeyondBT. His first post was the most resonating they've had - this one will likely resonate with most people as well.
    In any event, the brutal truth is that, especially now that I have older kids, I am simply overwhelmed by all the expenses, unable to carry all my accumulated debt, and even the partial tuitions I am paying have pushed me to and over the edge of financial ruin. There is no retirement plan in my life, no hidden stocks, no wealthy parents, in-laws or uncles ready to leave me their fortune and rescue me.

    After many years and many tuitions I simply didn’t make it financially, at least in contemporary, North American Orthodox-community terms. I didn’t become a doctor or lawyer or businessman. I didn’t marry into wealth.
  • Wolf reminds us just what some people are actually learning from our educational system (though I think this extreme is rare).
  • Meanwhile, Olah Chadasha points us to the incredible British expose of a number of supposed "moderate" mosques in the UK. It's a must-watch to understand what people are being taught.
  • Finally, our barbarian friend Ozy has Charlie Daniels' band playing The Devil Went Down To Georgia. Awesome.
  • Bonus: David Linn just sent me a link to this hilarious bit some people may have seen already... The Red Sox announcers and a guest comedian have a great time mocking Mel Gibson's anti-Semitism.
Check them all out.