Monday, January 08, 2007

Poor New York Fans (Haha!)

My take on why the Giants lost, at Outside the Beltway.

I must say, there's a certain level of happiness when you live in New York and have to hear all about how great New York teams are for months, only to watch both teams get knocked out of the playoffs in painful fashion. Hehe. As I said to a few people: The Browns may have stunk this year, but the Jets and Giants have as much of a chance of making noise in the playoffs as the Browns would have... but the Browns at least have a top-4 pick, which they'll hopefully trade away.

I think these may have been the worst possible outcomes for New York fans. Jets fans liked to say how close they were, and how it would be such a close game, and how Mangini was a 'Man-Genius' and just like Belichik... and they got spanked, hard. Giants fans actually would have preferred to get blown out, so they could complain about Coughlin's preparation, Manning under pressure, and the like: But the Giants scored on the opening drive, made the Eagles go three-and-out on their first three possessions, and Manning engineered a game-tying drive in the fourth quarter, even with a number of penalties. Ah, New York fans... I almost feel bad for you. Almost.