Monday, August 06, 2007

Psychoanalysis of SlugGirl's Phobia

SlugGirl's recent harrowing (and hilarious) experience got her mind working, and the following occurred to her. Perhaps now she can get over her fear...
Last night, as I walked through the puddle filled parking lot of the nearby grocery store, I thought about how rain brings slugs, and slugs dwell in the shadows, awaiting an innocent pedestrian's heavy foot. I arrived at my car and as i reached for the car door handle, it dawned on me -- the reason that I get so freaked out by slugs.

I must have been between 8 and 10 years old. I was sent outside to get something from the car after a light rain had fallen. I stuck my fingers under the handle of the car door and instead of feeling solid cold metal, I felt something totally different. Squishy and slimy, my fingers had struck a slug that was hiding under the door handle.

And this, I believe, is the reason for my slug phobia.

(This morning i poked around under there with my car key first, just in case...)

~ SlugGirl
Ez: Mmm, squishy!! :)


  1. In seventh grade science we had some slug project and I collected dozens and dozens of them. Sluggirl, be alert - they are worse in the fall.

  2. diana - oh i know, sukkos is quite appetizing. thanks :) In 4th grade we had mealworms, and in 8th we had to create habitats, i had a snail in a smallish aquarium. it had babies. that was overwhelming.

  3. Gaaah! That's horrible! I hear that if you have a slug problem, a shallow dish of beer usually tempts them and ultimately drowns them. My apologies to the "slug rights" crowd.

  4. RM- issue is it freaks me out to do anything to them... salt, beer, etc!

  5. I apologize in advance, but this is what immediately went off in my mind:

    Da na na na na na na na Da na na na na na na na (BATMAN!!!)...when we last left our hero...

  6. g-

    thanks for giving me my own cartoon/themesong.

    (replace batman with sluggirl!!)

  7. yesterday I was doing a wash and my washing meachin unloads its water into my kitchen sink. The ater wasnt going down, so i stuck my hands into the drain, expecting there to be some remanants of last nights dinner, perhaps stuck in the drain. Instead a freaked out, as i felt a prick and looked down, it was a rather large (about 3 inches long and 2 inches wide), water bug that I had been trying to kill all weekend as it strolled across my kitchen floor. So to expect little pieces of food and to instead get a water bug was a bit freaky. I yelled and dropped it, i ran to the bathroom and got tissues and bleach (to dause it in case it wasn't completely dead). But when I got back to the kitchen I realized that I had forgotten where i dropped it and was upset because I thought it ran away. So i suck my hands back in the drain to release the water and screamed again, when I realized that i had actually dropped the disgusting bug back into the drain. I sprayed the bleach turned on the boiling hot water (in case it wasn't yet dead, now it def. was). I then put on glove mitts, took the 10 tissues i got from the BR, a plastic bag, and attempted to pick up the water bug, i quickly ran to the BR and flushed the disgusting thing down the toilet. So basically the point of this story is that you dont need an excuse to dislike bugs, you can hate insects, bugs, slugs and the what-like, just cus they are DISGUSTING

  8. ezzie - serach and i will get along just fine ;)

  9. Sluggirl - I may now develop a phobia of car door handles. Thanks. :)

    Serach - amazing story. Glad the bug eventually got what it deserved. You are very brave.

  10. To Serach:


    This is something Ezzie should have video taped

  11. sj- don't get me started on the gap between your bed and the wall ;)

  12. Serach - that is horrible and CRAZY! I think if that happened to me I'd need therapy. You're a brave, brave girl.

  13. sluggirl - uch uch uch!!!!

    serach - that's so scary. and gross. but it seems that you handled it well :)