Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Together But Separate

(via Princess D'Tiara) This article in the Wall Street Journal is pretty interesting:
Marriage often requires coping with the loss of some individuality, whether it's adopting a spouse's last name or setting up a joint bank account. Now, some couples say it can be equally tricky to navigate intimacy in the digital sides of their lives. They are running into thorny questions regarding how much to share and how much to keep separate in areas ranging from email addresses to online calendars.
Serach and I had joint e-mail for a while, but found it to be too confusing and extremely troublesome when assuming that the other had or hadn't responded, resulting in some things not getting taken care of while others got taken care of twice - not so good, especially when it comes to bills. At the same time, we still have one old e-mail address that's joint, and if we get e-mails meant for the other one we simply show each other or forward it. Meanwhile, we don't have a problem with each other's old pictures being on the computer.

Serach isn't a music person, but I could see how that could be a serious problem for a lot of people... imagine having to listen to really crappy tween music! :::shudder::: What else should be together, what should be separate?


  1. What else should be together, what should be separate?

    Wow i feel like i'm in preschool, "now class...."

    In all seriousness, there was a very good Jewish Observer this summer regarding shidduchim (NOT the "crisis", B"H), engagement, and marriage, and why things like 'cold feet' come up, and different issues that people don't realize marriage entails and they don't know how to deal with when they come up. Even sharing a room with a new spouse is a huge change....

  2. It wouldn't do for my wife to read the e-mails from my girlfriends.


  3. A^2 - Please remember to bring that when you finally come to NYC... :)

    G - Don't ask.

    SD - Exactly!!