Thursday, August 02, 2007

Ezzie's Blog Roundup, 8/2: Voices

A number of really great posts lately, and I haven't even read all the blogs I normally do yet:
9) DAG finds a full of crap guarantee.
8) Erachet notes a mean story - a teacher who read the last pages of Harry Potter to her class.
7) Diana pointed this out to me, but I'd have seen it soon enough anyway... Frumhouse asks what your spouse thinks of your blogging. HA!
6) I didn't even read the rest of the post, but Jack starts with an awesome quote from one of my favorite historical figures.
5) DAG notes a great piece (with a caveat exactly as I'd say) in the Jewish Press.
4) Mishmar asks if you're happy being Charedi in a very solid post. Well, I'm happy not being Charedi, and the recent news only reinforces that to me.
3) NoyG with an awesome post for the simple reason it talks about broadcasters. Where's my brother when I need a good discussion!?
2) DK :) returns with a great post on rushing. Awesome. We should all take this to heart.
1) Chana checks her humility. Great, great post.
New blog bonus: I'm not even going to link to a specific post, but this is one of the best blogs I just started reading (thanks Orthonomics). Makes me wish Elianna were older to enjoy a lot of it!


  1. Does that mean I have achieved Ezzvana?

  2. I recently discovered the Juggling Frogs blog, too. It is heartening for me to discover such people who combine creativity with solid values.