Friday, August 24, 2007


(Hat tips: Mom) Oh man, do I know this feeling...
“Do you mind,” one in-law asked, as I rounded up bedding and fretted over having enough milk in the fridge to fill 12 cereal bowls in the morning, “if I just pop onto the computer and check my e-mail?”

“Oh, yeah,” remarked another. “Maybe I could just track my son’s flight from D.C.”

“Ooh, perhaps you could print something out for me ...”

That was my first inkling of how the vastly expanded electronic and informational needs of houseguests would flavor our time together. Soon guests were positioning themselves to get dibs on one of the three computers in our Long Island house the way they would otherwise line up to jump in the shower.

By the next morning, “I wonder if you could do me a favor?” was a question I fielded every few minutes as I tried to peck away at work in my home office before everyone in the house had awakened.
Of course, I'm usually on the other end of this. :) There's also an interesting article about the battle over a Hebrew charter school in Florida.

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  1. Could be worse, when I visit my parents I do so to the last suburban home in the lower 48 w/o a computer or available Wi-Fi.

    My "visiting" computer begats a scene like the one shown.