Monday, August 20, 2007


People often ask what my favorite types of music are, who my favorite performers are, TV shows... etc. While I do have some favorites, my general answer is always the same: Talent. I like really talented people; I enjoy watching them perform. Some people enjoy the first few episodes of shows like American Idol; I enjoy the last few, when the really good singers are around. The same has applied to America's Got Talent (and Britian's Got Talent) - for AGT, I waited until very recently, saw who the last 10 or so were, and went back and watched a number of their performances. AGT had their finale last week, and while Cas Haley was amazing, Butterscotch was very good, and Julienne Irwin okay, I couldn't help but be amazed by Terry Fator. He's a ventriloquist (don't yawn yet) who does impressions (not yet either) of singers. Now think about that for a moment: He has to be an accomplished ventriloquist; an incredible impressionist; a good comedian; and a fantastic singer to pull that off. He is all of the above. It's worthwhile to check out his first few appearances first, but here's his final performance which is so impressive because it's such an incredibly hard song (Rey Orbison - Crying) to sing in addition to the other difficulties. It's followed by 14-year old Julienne Irwin's Somewhere Over the Rainbow, which I thought was gorgeous. Enjoy!


  1. I got into So You Think You Can Dance this year.

  2. yay! we <3 terry fator! go check out the clip of him doing "what a wonderful world" with a's so sweet!

  3. "While I do have some favorites, my general answer is always the same: Talent"

    Well...sure, gold is one of my favorites too.


    Nice! What form of dancing?

  4. g,

    It's everything -- modern, ballroom, hip-hop, crunk, jazz, etc. Fun to see people who were trained in one style attempt another.

  5. Just watched the video. Wow, that girl can sing.

  6. JA,

    I know the show, what was YOUR form?

  7. g,

    Oh! My only form is spectating. :-)

  8. What is with these types of shows and Somewhere Over the Rainbow? WHY does everyone sing it? It's getting ooooooold.

    [jealous jealous jealous]

  9. So You Think You Can Dance

    Some of them were ok, but there were some miserable dancers.

  10. I also love Terry Fator! He's awesome! I loved it when his turtle impersonated Kermit the Frog during one of the rounds.

    And whoa, Julienne's voice is really mature for a 14 year old!