Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Occupational therapy

Posted by Soccer Dad

Interesting caption here:
Journalists working and living in and around the Israeli occupied West Bank town of Bethlehem ...
Bethlehem hasn't been "occupied" since 1995. Someone's living in the past.

Or perhaps it makes them feel better to pin something on Israel because those journalists are protesting a new law
Hamas said on Monday it planned to enforce a 12-year-old Palestinian press law designed to silence dissident journalists, amid a crackdown that has raised fierce protests from the local media.
I guess it wouldn't do to simply publish news critical of Hamas without getting in a dig at Israel.

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  1. I just went to visit my Great Grandfather's grave in "Occupied Arab East Jerusalem". Apparently, it's been occupied for over a thousand years, since that's how old some of the graves are.

  2. Heh. Good post - you should send this in to BOTW, if you haven't yet. :)

    I'm just waiting to hear the double standard in expectations regarding how the journalists are treated vs. how Israel reacts to journalists.

  3. Psychotoddler - Good point. Heck, Chevron and Gush Etzion where the Jews were forcibly evicted (as well as from Arab East Jerusalem - an appellation that applies to the northern area of Ramot and the southern area of Gilo) shows how subjective the term is.

    Ezzie - I'm glad you liked it. I know it's not your usual fare.

    I did send it to HonestReporting. I'm not sure this is a BotWT point.