Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Tipping Points?

Krum has a very good post utilizing a comment I made a couple of days ago, analyzing whether the Schwach editorial or perhaps Noah Feldman's article created a tipping point for anti-Orthodox discussion in the media. He argues that today's emphasis on political correctness would counterbalance such commentary, which I understand but feel I disagree with somewhat. (See the comments there.) Excerpt:
I have heard others suggest that Feldman's article was actually the tipping point. Frankly, I am not concerned about a "tipping point" resulting in a public outpouring of pent up anti-Orthodox vitriol. And the reason is simple: political correctness. Political correctness has become so entrenched in mainstream American culture that any sort of criticism of minorities finds little sympathy among media and politicians. PC serves as a bulwark against this become a true tipping point.


  1. Here's a real-life example of PC-ness used against a supporter of Israel:

  2. What an article like Feldman's really does is allow those who truly oppose modern orthodoxy to feign their support by vocally opposing the unwarranted attack....before they jump in with their own attacks.

  3. Any time you try to synthesize or combine Idea A with Idea B, you are open to attack on the ground that either A or B is wrong.

    In this situation, some object to Modern and some object to Orthodox.