Wednesday, August 29, 2007

What does the Holy Hyrax do all day?

From today's Yediot Achronot: Who is shooting at Israeli's legs in Los Angeles?

Makes you wonder.

Every time I call the Holy Hyrax, his usual lame excuse for not talking is he's "busy" "watching" the Twighlight Zone. OK, I can understand if he doesn't want to talk to me on the phone because he's going to a foam party, or if he needs to download movies, but the Twighlight Zone excuse?

Could he be part of the Israeli mafia mentioned...behind the LA area shootings?


  1. What on earth makes you think I'm in Los Angeles?

  2. Jameel calls you, and you don't want to speak with him?! Geez, get your priorities straight! Don't squander such valuable opportunities!

  3. Are you insane. And miss twilight zone?
    He knows hours of availablity and he can use them if he wants to. He just chooses to call when I'm doing something more important

  4. HH used the "Twilight Zone" excuse on me, too last night. We were having a nice discussion on economics and then he tells me he has to go because TW is on. What a newb.

  5. HH: Actually - I have no clue where you live. If the headline had said Colorado, I would have still used the same post for you.