Thursday, August 09, 2007

Ezzie's Blog Roundup, 8/9: Judaism & Jews

There are lots of great posts over the last few days, and a great chunk of them deal with being Jewish, how to approach Judaism, aspects of Jewish life... all very well-written and thought out.
10) DAG has this summer's ultimate aveirah (sin). Heh.
9) DaBoys discuss the craziness that is the rich; and finish with a great lesson.
8) Chaim notes that CBS is essentially giving a mouthpiece to anti-semitism by airing the comments of a contestant on one of their reality shows; it's a strong post and good point.
7) Sephardi Lady decries the old "let's throw money at it" approach to problems, now being applied to shidduchim. I'd add that bad, misguided, and unclear approaches stink too.
6) Jameel looks at a home he has visited - destroyed by his own country.
5) Harry says what many others have been saying, and wonders how this will affect things in the future: Now that people are so publicly ignoring bans en masse (thanks RebelWithACause), what happens next?
4) Chana the Curious Jew has a pair of posts asking How do you want to be remembered? (noting R' Neil's post discussing the same more fully), and discussing Sacrifice & Anonymity. A very intriguing question that I'm not sure some people will feel comfortable thinking about.
3) Steve Brizel at BeyondBT writes in his typical abbreviated fashion about Getting Beyond Doubts, and thinks that we need to get back to basics a little bit.
2) R' Gil points to Dennis Prager's column on 10 reasons to practice as a Jew; while they are all very well thought out, I found #8 particularly interesting.
1) Stam's Thoughts from Seat 7D will stir your heart.
Important: Please daven for Sarah's mum.
Enjoy, think!

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