Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Ezzie's Blog Roundup, 8/1: A Gut Nacht/Morgen

Those who know me will be happy to hear that I got a haircut. Elsewhere, I feel like Gagne will only cause (small) problems for the Red Sox. A few good reads, now that I've actually had some time to read blogs at 4-5 in the morning...
  • Bonus: Hilarious video at Jewbiquitous. Jack, you'll like this one.
  • 5) Greg reports that a Kosher Subway is coming to Baltimore. At least they're being smart and using the pareve cheese, unlike the one in Flatbush.
  • 4) Orthomom has a solid post as usual on a recent billboard battle.
  • 3) The PsychoToddler clan gets the typical "Welcome to Israel" runaround.
  • 2) Rivka debates whether to open up to her rav; I think this is something that so many struggle with silently.
  • 1) Harry tells over a wonderful story about Simcha Weddings in Chicago. Wow. (via Kindness Happens)
Have a wonderful morning!


  1. the hechsher in flatbush will not let them use any sort of parve cheese. The one in Cedarhurst does.

  2. nice title, cough cough. should i be cited?

    eyes... burning.... out... of... head....

  3. Thank you, Ezzie. Your support and referrals mean a lot. It's so easy to think that I'm the only one who is scared to call. I guess because it's really important this time, and sets the stage for my future connections with this rabbi. So far I've spent the past two hours reading blogs and surfing aimlessly, mulling over what I've written about and procrastinating contacting him. The Simpsonizing thing was kind of fun, though.