Wednesday, August 01, 2007

For the Baseball Fans

This is a really cool video if you know baseball - and you don't need to understand Japanese to understand what's going on. I like how the ump gets on a microphone at the end to explain the ruling. Cool.


  1. That was great!!
    I love how the managers discussed it so calmly. If that would have happened in MLB, one of the umpires would have been dead.

  2. Why are the Jerseys in English?

    I saw this to a lesser extreme I the majors. I think it was Vance Law batting for Cubs in the 80's Pitch in dirt check swing appeal. Called a strike, pitcher tossed ball back to mound team leaves field, Dag leaves room to get a soda.

    I come back 3 min later, Cubs are still batting. I think WGN even went to commercial first. Harry was having a heck of a time trying to describe what happened.


  3. For us non-baseball people, can someone explain why that was not a strike and what the whole controversy was?

  4. David - I noticed the same thing. I wonder if it's the type of call that US managers would be calm about, too: The call is clear, it's just a question of how it works when it is on an appeal. Either way, interesting.

    DAG - Hehe.

    Anon - It *was* a strike - after the appeal, but because the ball had bounced, the catcher needed to tag him out before he reached first base. He didn't - because it was originally called a ball until the swing appeal - and never remembered to once it *was* called a strike.