Monday, February 12, 2007

Strange Landlords

Our landlord is - overall - not bad. We definitely have what to complain about, starting from the not having a kitchen for 6 weeks in the beginning to our continued wait for a new refrigerator now - but we've generally worked out some type of deal to compensate us.

We've had a few weird stories, including a strange one over Sukkos. Serach stayed in Baltimore the whole week, while I drove back for work. One morning, as I was taking a shower, I hear someone calling my name - from inside the apartment. My landlord had not only let himself in, he was walking around calling my name. I called out from the bathroom (somewhat annoyed) - and suddenly he opens the bathroom door! (Thank God for shower curtains!) He starts having a whole conversation with me... ugh. Awkward, right?

Anyways... as annoyed as we are that he used to let himself in like that (he's stopped - calling first and waiting for us to open up), he's really not bad - and nothing like Balaboosteh's. That would drive me nuts.