Wednesday, February 21, 2007

How Holy Hyrax met his wife. Part 1.

Ok, so Ezzie wants me to post something. So I’ll post something. I’ve actually been bombarded by emails asking me to write how I met MY wife, since Ezzie has been taking his sweet time getting to the point with his. So her is my story. And I can promise you, it won't be as spread apart as Ezzie's :)

It was spring semester of my senior year, 1998. Awsome time. It was a time when we could get out for lunch, hop in my Merkur and go to McDonalds for 29 cent cheeseburger Wednesdays. Mmmmmmm. Can you believe that? 29 cents? You can probably get a packet of ketchup for 29 cents at a kosher joint. Anyways, I was always the shy type. I never had a girlfriend before. When we go to clubs, I would sit out or just jump up and down with the rest of the dorks. Along comes Valentines Day and some synagogue is throwing some party. Party, party party. Soooooooooo, I go with some my friends which consists of 2 Persians, and an Assyrian.

Flashback 1996, 10th grade:

“ Ooooh, I finally got a yearbook. Im just going to skim through it looking at all the pretty girls in the school (Hey, everyone did it). OK, let me try out the 9th grade girls. (whistling a fine tune) Hmmmmmm,..... WOW, this girl is really pretty. I wonder if she is Israeli. index finger moves to list of names ..... Wow, shes pretty and Israeli. Oh well.

Back to 1998

We get to the party. Nice place. "Good" music. We were having a nice time. As we were about to enter the main hall, a young girl crossed our path. Damn she was pretty. And the most amazing hair with long small curls. Immediately, my friend recognized her. ( For obvious reasons, we will call her Bunny)

Persian 1: Bunny?
Bunny: OMG, Persian 1?
Persian 1: Ya, what are you doing here? I haven’t seen you in, like, 2 years
Bunny: Oh my gosh, ya, how you doing? OMG Assyrian?
Assyrian: Heeeeeeeeey, hows it going? (and ofcourse, he always liked hugging girls)
Bunny: Nothing, Im here with my friends. Like, its been so long, I cant believe I bumped in to you.
Assyrian: Hey Bunny, I want you to meet two of my friends. This is Persian 2 and Holy Hyrax
Bunny: (In a cold, toned down voice) hi.
HH: Hi
Persian 2: word

Well, she made quite a first impression on us. I look at Persian 2, he looks at me and we both think the same exact thing.


To be continued.