Sunday, February 25, 2007

Idealism & Understanding

SJ has written a short and fabulous post about a subject that came up over the weekend at SerandEz. She had made an interesting point last night which she summed up beautifully within her post about an added reason why we must try to understand and respect the reasoning even of those with whom we disagree, however much we may dislike too. Check it out.

My own little addendum to what she said, though she touched on this point, is in the comments section there:
Idealism, and the idealistic, are truly the key to the future - their drive and energy are what spur progress in all its forms. But they can only do so when they understand and can present how to practically implement their ideals in the real world as opposed to the abstract... and the real world has many pitfalls, many of which are not logical - but because they do exist, they cannot be ignored.