Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Reading & Writing; Elianna's New "Tricks"

No, no - Elianna isn't the one reading and writing... yet. But in the past two weeks, she's picked up on talking, calling for us (Dada and Nana or Rara, neither of which are Ima, but too bad on Serach), reaching out for us (i.e. becoming clingy), crawling, clapping, waving, sitting (well, sitting better, anyway), eating on her own (a bit), and now... even more! Yesterday, our babysitter called Serach to tell her what happened: She had said, just for the sake of it, "Elianna, tni li neshikah! [give me a kiss!]" Elianna turned to her, closed her mouth, and gave her a "kiss". Now she's giving them all the time. Not only can she kiss, but she's understanding the ivrit we're [sometimes] speaking, too. What's funny is she waves anytime anyone says "Hi" or "Bye"... or anything that ends with an "I" sound. At the same time, she claps anytime someone says "Yay" or if she thinks she's supposed to for some reason.

I have no time to write, and little time to read, but here are a few good posts worth reading:
  • Read Rivka's last few posts.
  • Yesterday I saw this great post by Jameel, and even sent it to others, but I didn't have time to link it. If you know people at Columbia/Barnard especially... read this.
  • For all the women out there, you may enjoy Canonist's new sub-blog, Jewess, which is being written by a number of women (including Orthomom).
  • Everyone is old. Especially me.
  • DAG: I feel bad, I really do, seeing as how that isn't happening to those who are cursed. (Not that I'm one to talk.)