Friday, February 23, 2007

The Monolith

Google, Inc. is possibly the most fascinating company on the planet. In an information age, they are the source of more information than any other company - and as information shapes people's views, being able to control that information is of utmost importance. Google also has the best and worst of a lot of worlds... it allows every voice to be heard; but that includes the crazies, the crackpots, the bigots, etc. It also ranks - using complex algorithms - the most 'important' views on any given subject... whether or not they happen to be factually correct.

Anyway, I've always found it interesting. They're a scarily powerful company.

Meanwhile, in other news, Google has basically gotten a ruling that allows Orthomom to defend herself if she so chooses... and she so chooses. All in all, not bad - it does mean that assuming Orthomom can defend herself (which it seems clear she can with ease) Google will not be releasing her information.

Adar is a good month, isn't it? :)