Thursday, February 08, 2007

No To Fur?

A lady next to me on the subway had a couple of interesting pins on this morning, and one of them really bothered me. Two of the pins had the word fur with a red slash through them - "No to Fur". The third pin, though, had a statement:
Animals are not for us to eat, wear, or experiment on.
Now, while I may personally disagree, I can respect those who make a personal choice not to eat animals or not to wear animals. But I can't respect those who feel that we cannot experiment on them, either. Anyone with any medical understanding whatsoever can tell you the importance of animal testing in learning how medicines and treatments can work for people. Just this past Friday night, our friend Moshe was discussing how testing on mice in his cancer research lab was teaching them quite a bit.

Noble ideals do not always translate into noble results. Issues are almost never black and white - nobody is in favor of 'cruelty to animals', for example, it's a question of what is truly cruel and how much value we place on people as opposed to animals. I cannot respect those who place the lives of animals over those of humans, however.

[Chana has a fascinating story/post on a similar subject. The timing of this post is coincidental.]