Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Dear Brother

YS has a great post at On the Flip Side... Excerpt:
On 7/19/06, My Brother wrote:
Sometimes I wish I lived in Israel. I know it's the wrong thing for me but I still wish it sometimes. When do I wish it? When northern Israel is getting Katushaed and Israel decides to do something about it. That makes me want to be there. Where the action is.
But there is a distinct feeling during these tense times that Jewish History happens in Israel.

Not only "during these tense times" but I'd say "on the whole" this is where it's happening. I feel hard pressed to say that the future of Am Yisroel is happening in NY.

I feel NY and American Jewry will be a parsha in the story of Am yisroel in Golus. Like Poland and Spain and Morocco.
Personally, I've long felt the same, but I think that what his brother touched on in the original letter is an important point as well: Obviously, people miss Israel the most when they're either there for a short time/just returned, or when something dramatic is happening - whether good or bad. (For instance, watching the Nefesh b'Nefesh video a couple of days ago, I was basically crying, wanting to go there - similar to the reactions I had during the war.)

At the same time, I know that at the present moment it is best for me to be here (heck, even in New York City), and not there. Then again, I feel that YS is right - in the grand scheme of things, what goes on here is but a small parsha (chapter) in terms of Judaism, while what happens there will not be.

I'm not sure any of these really contradict one another, but they trouble me nonetheless. Any thoughts?