Monday, February 26, 2007

Drunk & Scantily Dressed Teens

There's a great post (and comments section) over at Orthomom. Excerpt:
Hey, I'm all for giving kids a little freedom - God knows that they need some, considering the constraints of attending 6 days a week of Yeshiva. But never without proper supervision, never without proper attendance to their safety. Is it easy to strike the right balance? Of course not. But getting it wrong can have dire circumstances. Too much freedom, and they end up on the streets without breaking any rules at all. Too many rules, they end up on the street simply to break them.

I'm just so scared, as my kids enter their teenage years, that I won't strike the right balance. Isn't everyone?
Heck, I am, and Elianna's not even a year old yet. Check out OM's post.