Friday, February 02, 2007

Ezzie's Blog Roundup: Groundhog's Day!

Today is Groundhog's Day, which is easily the stupidest American holiday of the year - and therefore the most fun. What true American doesn't love speculating about meaningless outcomes to meaningless things!? I know I love it.

There were a number of excellent posts in the J-blogosphere today, even as Holy Hyrax waged war against Jameel, tried to sabotage my blog, and otherwise celebrated his birthday on a (snicker) Mac. [Sorry, see the posts below for details and some really amazing graphic design work.] Most of them are fairly short...

  • Jake's line on Bush yesterday was really good.
  • Ayelet's son is hilariously pragmatic.
  • DaBoys expound on cereal (and milk). If you're not reading this blog yet... this is the best blog you're not reading yet.
  • Steg's little friends know why we can't see God.
  • FrumWithQ's discusses in short the problems with parents being in denial. Serach sees this all the time in her job - it's time we tried to grow up and accept that people aren't perfect. If not for us, for our children!
  • Shifra is saddened that kids of today can't play as we did in the past. This post is right on the mark, and Shifra is another blog you should definitely be reading.
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That's all for this morning/night. Have a great one!