Tuesday, December 30, 2008

YouTube Pulls IDF Videos

(Hat tip: Jameel) That didn't take long. YouTube has pulled some of the IDF videos from its site, though there are countless other videos of the same type. Of course they pulled the ones that best showed how Hamas keeps its weaponry smack in the middle of civilian populations, and that Israel does anything but bomb indiscriminately.



  1. So can't they put it up using some other service and have it indexed on Google video? There's nothing magical about YouTube. The point is to have the videos out there and available.

  2. Apparently they're using LiveLeak, but I couldn't find them there. All I found were very confusing videos from Gaza talking about "Israel terror", though all you see is people running in circles.

  3. The videos still seem to work for me.

  4. Check the IDF site again--they announced that some of the cut footage was returned to the site.