Monday, December 01, 2008

Guest Bios: Moshe

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As people may have noticed, to the right is a list of contributors to this blog. On each drop down, there is a line for "Bio". This is the second of those Bios, which will hopefully give a slightly better understanding of each contributor.

"Have a quacky day", he tells me. Moshe (WildTumor) is a rather hard man to describe. I met Moshe when I first came to Lander College; he was the new editor-in-chief of the Lander Chronicle, and a member of student government, while I was voted in as the first-year representative and was quickly asked to write for the Chronicle. He actually delayed publishing one edition for a few hours so he could put in a Mazel Tov to Serach and me on our engagement. We became close friends, particularly after Serach and I got married and Moshe took over the green couch after Shabbos meals to lie down. (At least once, this turned out to be a bad idea.)

A few months ago, we had the distinct opportunity to attend Moshe's beautiful wedding. We had to borrow a car to get there, as ours had been towed, but it was well worth it. Now, Moshe & Adina live just up the block from us here in KGH, something Moshe hopes will last long enough for him to win a long-standing bet with me about. (Whether we move out of the tri-state area by September 2010 - the loser takes out the winner to dinner in a restaurant the winner chooses.) Moshe is in medical school, enjoying his perpetual education, while Adina works quite hard in a hospital to let him do so; he's also one of the best people to talk to, to bounce ideas off of, and to go out and have a good time with. He's a thinker but ultimately practical, well aware of his strengths and flaws, and able to pick out that which applies to him while discarding that which does not.

His latest post on his own blog is a good showcase of much of this: Enjoy The Bias of Youth (then peruse the archives).

And oh yeah - he's obsessed with ducks, particularly of the AFLAC variety. But we put up with him anyway.


  1. No, it WAS yours. You forfeit the automatic sole rights upon marriage.

    But you can still have it when you come visit. :)

  2. Ezzie, thanks for the great post about Mo. I know im new to the blog-world, but I thought it was well worth a post to tell you that Moshe and I love living up the block from you guys, love sharing meals together, and look forward to finally having all of you over at once! (I got lots more candy for Elianna, trust me) I love that you hit some of the unique qualitites that make him so special. Thank you.

  3. wow! I didn't know when you told me you were out of blog-ideas that this is where you would turn.

    midvar sheker tirchak...but thanks for the few points that are accurate.

  4. midvar sheker tirchak...

    Yeah, seriously! I mean, Moshe is not at ALL obsessed with ducks - wherever did you get an idea like THAT?! :P

  5. AL - Elianna awaits. Our pleasure... :)

    Moshe - Yeah, desperation makes a man say crazy things... :P