Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Ezzie's Blog Roundup, 12/9

Apparently, I am the least sickly member of this family at the moment. Fun fun. Elianna is a rather intelligent sick kid, making sure she's well enough to play but aw shucks sick when she wants help. I'm quite proud of her ability to manipulate, even if I don't let her; she keeps learning at a fast rate better tactics and approaches to things. She's a smart kid, thank God.

Lots of interesting stuff out there today:
  • Jameel has the results of the Likud primaries and gives his take, while Treppenwitz has a great piece on how this is an opportunity to take a different approach to things.
  • Orthonomics discusses the temporary closing of Bais Faiga in Lakewood because teachers were fed up with not being paid. This will certainly be interesting, and hopefully will help lead to changes in how many institutions are run.
  • ND sent this to me last week, and I wish I could see the whole book, just for hilarity's sake; it shows how children are so often so much wiser than adults. A 9-year old boy had written a pamphlet on dating and girls for his school book fair, and now it's hitting shelves as a book: How To Talk To Girls.
  • SD (on Yourish) takes apart Bush's speech on how he thinks he did in the Middle East. It's an interesting speech and critique.
  • Two really great pieces in the WSJ, one by Charles Schwab on the uptick rule, and another by Harvey Golub (who knows that name?! Hint: Three initials) on restoring confidence, which quickly explains the whole financial mess to begin with.
  • DealBreaker points to Chrysler's new homepage. Wow.
  • ADDeRabbi previews the Koren siddur (meant to challenge ArtScroll) for Tradition Seforim blog.
  • Ari Enkin writes at Hirhurim about Beautiful Women again.
Check them out...


  1. Since when are 9 year olds interested in girls?

  2. I'm quite proud of her ability to manipulate