Friday, December 05, 2008

Craziest Game Winner

This is one of the most frantic and amazing finishes to a game I've ever seen; it's a basketball game between SUNY Geneseo and SUNY Oswego, with Oswego up two with about 12 seconds left. Watch it first:
What's even more crazy is that the guy who hit the game-winner, Scott Morton, hit the three to take the lead on the previous possession; was knocked down to the floor on the layup Oswego made to take the lead with three seconds left; got back up, ran down the court, followed the missed layup and then took that dive with the insane over-the-head shot.


  1. What's even more crazy is that he actually answered the questions asked to him in that interview with real answers!

    (Ya know, as opposed to normal sports interviews)

  2. That's a nice finish, and probably indeed the craziest game winner, but this is the best finish ever.

  3. Erachet - Maybe he didn't give 110%, or maybe it wasn't all about how the team overcame obstacles, mm??

    JA - Yeah, and I don't even think this was an amazing play so much as a lucky one. That's the best one in basketball - but for football, look on this blog for either that insane lateral play or that old Plano game. I think those beat Miller (well, if you discount magnitude of game).

  4. I don't post very often, but i definately have to weigh in on this...
    Obviously discounting the importance of the game, the best finish is this...

    If you don't have patience for the whole clip, just watch the last minute or two.
    And btw, I am not a T-Mac fan at all.

  5. check the WHOLE thing.