Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Yonah Goldman, a'h

A couple of days ago was the yahrtzeit for my friend, Yonah Goldman. There's little I can write that would add to all that has been written about him in the past; one can peruse the many links all over, many of which can be found in links throughout these posts, that will tell you some of the wonderful stories about Yonah's kindness. Instead, I'm going to post this video which was played at his shloshim and is available on the website dedicated to his memory. I think it shows well some of what Yonah felt and how he lived his life... always with that smile on his face. For those who are in Kew Gardens Hills, our friend AviF is sponsoring kiddush this Shabbos at Kehillas Ishei Yisroel in memory of Yonah.

You don't need to have known Yonah to appreciate the video, especially the interview with him in the middle, done by the Jewish Agency during our first year in Israel at OJ; and the film he made with his wife which appears at the end, which was a montage of some of the beautiful places throughout the land of Israel.
We miss you, Yonah.


  1. We're eating at people who daven there, so good chance that at least I'll go.

  2. extremely moving video. i recognize many of those places in the video- shomrei, TA, JCC. as one who knew him- not good friends as he was 3 years younger than me- but was friendly with him- it's a tough pill to still swallow.

  3. Didn't realize you had a Baltimore background... it is.